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Dear Candidate,

We are a team of professional and certified English language teachers who have worked and taught English in many language schools around the world. We have helped thousand of international students of all ages, cultures, and from different career backgrounds improve their English and secure jobs as well as internships overseas.

Personally, we have all been through the CV writing and job hunting process in various countries including: Japan, Poland, USA, Canada and the UK and have mastered the art of creating a successful CV and securing jobs in these countries.

There are several formats to choose from when writing a CV (resume) which can make this a confusing, frustrating and challenging task. What is the preferred style? What do employers looks for in a CV in a certain country? What is classified as a successful CV in the UK may not be as successful in other English speaking countries and may vary a great deal.

Let us help you succeed with your CV and your English! Although the majority of our clients are international students, we also help newly qualified EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers and other professionals look at their CV with a fresh perspective!


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The team

The English 4 u team

Price List

CV Repair


Per CV

Your CV needs to match your level of spoken English which is why we do not write a CV for you, instead we write it with you!

Our CV process:

  1. You e-mail us your CV.
  2. Within 3-5 business days, we will send you 3 PDF documents:
    • improved CV (illustrates recommended changes in content, structure, and layout)
    • summary (includes advantages, disadvantages, and detailed explanations of changes)
    • list of questions (clarifications which will aid us in further developing your CV)
  3. You e-mail us answers to our questions & make a full payment.
  4. We take your answers & develop your CV further.
  5. In 1 email, you tell us what you like, dislike, and ask for any questions or requests.
  6. We answer your questions, make all necessary changes, and send you a final copy.

English Lesson


Per 60 minutes

  • First lesson is free and includes an in depth consultation of your English needs and an evaluation of your English skills with a native speaker.
  • One-to-one lessons are custom made to meet your short term or long term goals. In each lesson your teacher will:
    • correct your mistakes,
    • practice accurate pronunciation,
    • increase fluency with conversational English games,
    • and expand your vocabulary with a list of new words, phrasal verbs, and idioms.



Per page

  • You will receive 2 PDF documents:
  1. Summary includes: suggestions on content, layout, structure and an explanation of the corrected version
  2. Corrected version of your document
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